Wenzhou Yining Geriatric Hospital
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Hospital Name: Wenzhou Yining Geriatric Hospital
Address: Ouhai Lou Bridge Street in the Department of Road 55
Admin Office Phone: 89896789 18058887873

    Wenzhou Yining from Wenzhou Corning Hospital Geriatric Hospital Co., Ltd. invested in the establishment, located in Ouhai Lou Bridge Street in the Department of Road 55, covers an area of 35 mu, building area of 37,800 square meters, green area of 5,000 square feet meters, set 300 beds.
    Wenzhou Yining Geriatric Hospital is the first hospital in Wenzhou City, the elderly, professional diagnosis and treatment of the elderly common diseases, chronic diseases, careful rehabilitation care and disability-based semi disability older age groups, mainly in elderly patients admitted to five categories:

(1) , with advanced dementia and other chronic diseases requiring hospitalization, ill persons;

(2) musculoskeletal disorders (such as cervical and lumbar disc, senile arthritis, gout, degenerative bone disease, etc.) caused by movement disorder hospitalization treatment, rehabilitation persons;

(3) significant organ dysfunction (such as chronic renal insufficiency, chronic liver persistent hepatitis, chronic heart failure, etc.) medical treatment;

(4) advanced malignancy or hospice;

(5) the risk there are different levels of treatment of acute exacerbation of chronic diseases of the elderly.
    Wenzhou Yining Geriatric Hospital has a group of senior experts and professional geriatric care team; equipped with a full range of outpatient clinical departments; CT, DR, B ultrasound, ECG, EEG, TCD, bone mineral density, and so on a full set of test medical equipment.
    Wenzhou Yining Geriatric Hospital pursue the "King Woo life, humble service," the core values and adhere to Medicare "therapeutically comprehensive, holistic care, ward family, environmental ecology, intelligent management" service concept, enthusiasm for the elderly thoughtful, caring meticulous care, so that he (she) who enjoy a high quality of later life.

Wenzhou Yining Geriatric Hospital: King woo elderly companionship quality

Traffic travel:


1.5 km from Ouhai Avenue, less than two kilometers from the South Railway Station (stop moving).
bus routes:
1, bus line: Corning Hospital Huanglong Park ↔ Louqiao Yi Ning Geriatric Hospital
2,29 Road public car (South Railway Station ↔ three bridge), the Central Road Station, west 100 meters to reach the hospital door.
3,81 Public road vehicles (↔ South Railway Station), Lou Bridge Street Station, that is 800 meters west to reach the hospital door.
3, Ouhai Avenue car from King Island King Island Road intersection turn south, to the Department of Road 500 meters east away.
24-hour service hotline: 89896789 18058887873

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