Linhai Corelle hospital
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Hospital Name: Pro Shanghai-Corning Hospital
Address: Linhai City East Avenue 2270
Admin Office Phone: 0576-85988000

    Pro Shanghai-Corning Hospital of Wenzhou Corning Hospital Co., Ltd. (stock code: 2120.HK) psychological hospital investments in Linhai.

    Hospital is located in Linhai City, East Road No. 2270 (Daejeon street ballast Tou), covering 20 acres, the hillside a beautiful environment, hotel-style wards according to standard design and construction, with 300 beds each grade, to meet the different levels the need for hospitalization of patients. The hospital has an area of over 1200 square meters psychological rehabilitation recreation area with basketball courts, stadiums and other entertainment activities.
    Pro Shanghai-Corning Hospital is divided into outpatient and inpatient departments and mental illness, mental health, drug dependence, mental rehabilitation, community control, six professional clinical psychology. Focus on schizophrenia and other serious mental disorders; brain and mental disorders caused by physical illness; alcohol and drug dependence due to mental disorders; senile dementia and mental illness; children with autism, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning difficulties, internet addiction and other psychological and behavioral disorders; depression, phobias, anxiety, stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, hysteria, sleep disorders and other neurological disorders, psychological disorders and mental diseases clinic.

    Pro Shanghai-Corning Hospital "Respect Life woo humble service" as the core values, relying on the national clinical key specialty construction unit and three A-level psychiatric hospital - Wenzhou Medical College Affiliated Hospital of Corning, and Corning with the national system of hospital implementation of hospital management, human resources , high-tech equipment and technology, as well as two-way referral and specialist consultation and other resource sharing, through the full implementation of medication, physical therapy, psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, rehabilitation therapy consisting of comprehensive treatment measures for Taizhou people to provide quality and convenient the whole mental health care.
    Bus lines: 188,203,222 Datianliu Road Station 200 meters north, away from the hospital Yongtaiwen high-speed waterfront north exit 2-minute drive.

Health hotline: 0576-85988000 15355671000

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