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Beijing Yi Ning hospital
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        Beijing Yi Ning hospital is Wenzhou Corelle Hospital Group invested in the establishment of the first domestic service in high-end crowd of psychological and mental health institutions. Wenzhou Kangning hospital created in 1998, is a set of medical, teaching, research, prevention, rehabilitation, health care and other functions as one with a mental health specialist based "specialized, comprehensive joint-stock private hospitals and Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College, national Ministry of health key clinical psychiatric construction projects, Zhejiang Province three level of first-class psychiatric hospital, Zhejiang Province clinical psychological characteristic disciplines, the hospital in Wenzhou City of key and the entire Chinese people rest assured demonstration hospital.
         With the continuous development of social economy, the emergence of a large number of elite people, when they active in the workplace for the community to create a lot of wealth, but also bear a huge psychological pressure, and therefore a varying degree of psychological problems, in the long past can not get the correct guidance, resulting in mental problems, resulting in a decline in quality of life. Beijing Yi Ning Hospital Relying on in Wenzhou Kangning hospital level of care, in pursuit of the world medical level as the goal, for customers to provide high quality, security, privacy, personalized, customized, whole program of medical care services. Therefore our hospital is equipped with a variety of new imported international advanced equipment, such as biofeedback instrument, MECT instrument, somatosensory system of music therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulator The plant nerve function tester and mental stress analyzer assessment pressure rating index system, with the Sandplay treatment and stress relief and catharsis room in senior professional counseling psychologists, the customers of the psychological and mental pressure fully released at the same time, I also hired Taiwan and domestic first-class psychological and psychiatric experts, let the customer get the psychological consultation and treatment of professional hospital, Yining for hospital customers and thoughtful arrangements for comprehensive clinical care service model five rounds of doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, psychologists, nurses and ward, psychological evaluation, psychological test, psychological treatment, drug treatment, mental health, health and nutrition occupation consulting and other high-quality service for you.
       Beijing Yi Ning hospital is located in the western suburbs of Beijing beautiful scenery at the foot of the Fragrant Hills minzhuang Road No. 9, all the room in the hospital were configured according to the five-star standard, and warm home style and high confidentiality. When you or your relatives and friends when we need you, please contact us.
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