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       Yongjia Corelle hospital in 2012 11 menstrual Yongjia County Health Bureau approved the establishment of the Department of Wenzhou Corelle hospital, a member of the company. Hospital attached to Yongjia County Health Bureau leadership, is a set of medical, prevention, rehabilitation as one of the mental health specialist hospitals, medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical fixed hospital.
       The hospital is located in the Yongjia county government in the center of the city, the city of South Street West of the former village, close to the main road in Yongjia, traffic convenient. Currently covers an area of 2380 square meters, construction area of 4300 square meters. Divided into outpatient department, hospitalization and mental illness, mental health, drug dependence and mental rehabilitation, community prevention and treatment, clinical psychology six professional. Focusing on schizophrenia disease, brain and body disease caused by mental disorders, alcohol and drug dependence induced mental disorders, mental disorders in elderly and senile dementia, etc. all kinds of mental disease; children with autism, autism disorders, hyperactivity, learning difficulties, Internet addiction and other kinds of psychological and behavioral disorders; depression, phobia, anxiety, catatonia, obsessive compulsive disorder, hysteria, sleep disorders of all kinds of neurosis, mental disorders and mental disease diagnosis and treatment.
       Outpatient department of the hospital outpatient and psychological counseling outpatient service, the implementation of the severity of the patient. Inpatient existing approved beds 99, actual open beds up to 150; ward is divided into male and female ward and common ward, special wards, can meet the different needs of different patients; and reasonable implementation drug therapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy, behavior therapy and healing all kinds of treatments, fully guarantee the quality of medical care.
       Hospital approved by the CDPF in Yongjia County, attached to the "Yongjia Corning disabled shelter", the spirit of working age, intellectual disabilities provide life care, medical care and rehabilitation, culture, recreation, sports and fitness services, both sheltered workshop, occupational, and farming therapy, vocational training and function.
       Relying on strong comprehensive strength of Wenzhou Kang Ning Yi Co., Ltd. hospital with tertiary grade a psychiatric hospital and national key clinical specialties (psychiatric) qualification of Wenzhou Kangning hospital as the support, the implementation of hospital management, personnel, advanced equipment and technology of all types of resources sharing, and the implementation of two-way referral of patients.
        The hospital pursues the service tenet of "respect for life, humble service", make positive contribution for people's health and peace!
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