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      ivided into outpatient department of the hospital, hospitalization and mental illness, mental health, drug dependence and mental rehabilitation, community prevention and treatment, clinical psychology six professional. Focus on the development of schizophrenia and other types of severe mental illness; brain and body disease caused by mental disorders, alcohol and drug dependence caused by mental disorder; mental disorders in elderly and senile dementia; children with autism, autistic disorders, hyperactivity, learning difficulties, Internet addiction, psychological and behavioral disorders; depression, phobia, anxiety, catatonia, obsessive compulsive disorder, hysteria, sleep disorders all kinds of neurosis and mental disorders and mental illness diagnosis and treatment.
      Outpatient department of psychiatric outpatient and psychological counseling clinic. Inpatient beds of 300 beds, respectively, located in high-grade and general wards, to meet the actual needs of patients with different economic capacity. And the full implementation of the comprehensive treatment by drug treatment, physical therapy, psychological treatment, behavior therapy, rehabilitation medical treatment, comprehensive assurance of medical quality.
      Our hospital in Zhejiang Province, the largest of the three mental hospital - Wenzhou Corelle hospital as the basis, the implementation of hospital management, human resources, high-tech equipment and technology, as well as patients with two-way referral and other resources sharing, the mental health needs of the people in Cangnan to provide excellent quality, convenient full medical service.
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